Score Reporting

Zone 5 score & penalty reporting protocols


Home team reports everything within 48 hours of the scheduled game start time. Please email the score and a picture of the front/back of the gamesheet to olazone5director(at) (recommend team manager cc to president and rep director for awareness).  A Zone executive member will upload the zone game scores to

Failure to report the scores within 48 hours:
* First offense = $25 fine (applies once for all games on date in question)
* Second offense = $50 fine (applies once for all games on date in question)
* Third offense = $100 fine (applies once for all games on date in question)
Every occurrence beyond the third offense is levied at $100



1. Clubs (and their teams) need to self report when a player is ejected from the Zone game within 24hrs (i.e. receives a game misconduct (GM), match (MP) or gross misconduct (GRM) penalty)
2. Club (recommend president, or team manager with cc to president and rep director) must report the infraction with summary details and a picture of the gamesheet to the Zone 5 Director (olazone5director(at) by email within 24 hours of the occurrence.
3. The player does not participate in game action until any resulting suspensions are served fully.
4. Failure to report any of the above infractions within:
* 24 hours = $100 fine
* 72 hours = $200 fine
* beyond 72 hours = $500 fine and immediate suspension of the head coach of the team in question until dealt with by the Zone 5 Discipline Committee

If a team uses a player who should have been suspended and the players participation was not approved by the Zone 5 RIC, the player in question will be suspended indefinitely and club fined $500. For all subsequent offenses involving the use of a suspended player, a $1000 fine will be levied per violation.

The OLA Automatic Discipline Policy is in effect for all participants (players, bench personnel, volunteers) of the u9, u11, u13, u15, u17 and u22 and corresponding girls’ divisions of OLA box lacrosse.  All fines and suspensions are automatic once they have been recorded on the OLA game sheet and signed off by the referees. It is the sole responsibility of the penalized team to adhere to the OLA’s Minor Box Automatic Discipline Policy throughout the entire season.



The zone has a game cancellation & rescheduling policy. For rescheduling, as long as there is a minimum of 14 days notice (10 business days) then there will be no fine.

  • <48 hours notice / No Show = $500
  • Reschedule with less than 14 days (or 10 business days) notice $100